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This art piece is absolutely breathtaking! I just love it. Keep it up!
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Happy to see the pictures as it is just what I’ve looking for
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Barbara Sullivan wrote on January 16,2011
I have enjoyed your work. Is Madame still available?

Keely wrote on January 4,2011 about this piece
Hello today I was in a doctor's office and I happen to see a oil painting that caught my eye and I really loved it. It have the artist name on it.. Nella.. It was a flowers(Lillies) and torquious grass and brown butterflies. I really want to have this picture so if this is one of yours I would like to have one... thank you

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Great website. Keep up the good work.
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Rman wrote on October 28,2010
Nice Gallery and good to see different art
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Rman wrote on October 28,2010
Nice Gallery and good to see different art
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Essayweb wrote on October 13,2010
Nella you are doing a really nice work
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Elvi' wrote on September 30,2010 about this piece
I love this painting

"blue iris"

Catherine Maranian wrote on September 25,2010
Nella,Your art work is beautiful and full of emotion.
URL: http://www.conceptsbycatherineart.com

June Munro wrote on September 21,2010 about this piece
Nella - this is gorgeous!! - I love how you

finished.....:) June

june wrote on June 8,2010
Nella, the pictures of your studio are so beautiful and

inspirational-makes one want to

enter and start painting......

Tony Ross wrote on May 10,2010
I am part italian on my fathers side. Nella your art work is beautiful.

My great grandfather was born in Salerno. He came to America in the late 1800"s. He was on the

construction crue that build the great Dam in Lawrence.

Tony Ross wrote on May 10,2010
I am part italian on my fathers side. Nella your art work is beautiful.

My great grandfather was born in Salerno but lived in Naples before coming to America. He was on the construction crue that build the great Dam in Lawrence.

debian wrote on April 6,2010 about this piece
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gianluca vischi wrote on February 25,2010
ciao zia sono gianluca ho avuto il tuo sito da romeo.potresti per favore, mandarmi il sito in cui posso vederti e parlarti.ciao un bacione da parte mia e dalla mia fidanzata anna.complimenti per la tua galleria e' davvero bella.

Roberto Vian wrote on February 8,2010 about this piece
This figurative owns the captivation of the Henry James' "The turn of the screw".
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Andrea Hart wrote on February 7,2010
Nella,I so relate to your paragraph on being all over the map and validated by your conclusion on your feelings at the time, etc., etc. Thank you for articulating that so clearly.


Shelley Hughes wrote on January 25,2010 about this piece
Fabulous work of art Nella. Really beautiful and the more you look, the more you see!

Shelley Hughes wrote on January 25,2010 about this piece
Nella, adore the colours in this painting.

Shelley Hughes wrote on January 25,2010 about this piece
Nella this is one of my favourite paintings. It's beautiful.

Shelley Hughes wrote on January 25,2010 about this piece
This is a lovely piece of work Nella. Beautiful colours. Very refreshing.

Shelley Hughes wrote on January 25,2010 about this piece
Spectacular Nella. Beautiful work.

Shelley Hughes wrote on January 25,2010 about this piece
Fabulous work of art dear Nella. You are an inspiration.

Your dear friend Shelley

Shelley Hughes wrote on January 25,2010 about this piece
Nella, I love this painting, it takes me back to our days in Cambrils. Mucho Besos.......

john vaina wrote on December 7,2009
Dear Nella,Love your work and thank you for the nice response about my fathers work. Sincerly john vainaps i will call you soon.

sergio m cozzone wrote on November 7,2009
Ciao Nella,

Your web site is fantastic.

Your art leaves me speechless.

You're truly a great artist and I'm so glad we're friends.


Diane Giarrusso wrote on October 6,2009
Hi Nella,

It was so nice to meet you and share Italian poetry with you, Lucia and Teresa. Your website is beautiful and calming and I loved reading your poetry. Hope to see you again soon! Diane

URL: http://everythingflowersfromwithin.blogspot.com

jeannette williams wrote on September 16,2009
nella...thank you for your lovely respose to my e-mail...how reassuring to know there are those who care about the needs of strangers...and yes, the internet is a wondrous tool for opening up the world and at the same time personalizing it!...jeannette

jeannette williams wrote on September 15,2009
i stumbled across your site while looking for info about m.romyns...i own her "three wishes" and lost contact with her and her sister-in-law m.mayer...i have 2 of her paintings...their gallery in lynbrook n.y. was named "the 1 1/2" i beleive...it's been years! i wonder can you direct me to info about marjorie? ...a very big p.s. your work is so beautifully done!...many thanks for reading the ramblings of this total stranger...jeannette

CHIN CHING wrote on August 9,2009
URL: http://WWW.518BEADS.COM

Susan Jennings wrote on July 5,2009
your studio is what I like to imagine for myself and your work also...so fresh, so unique. you have inspired me. I struggle to teach myself but am making some progress. Beautiful.

june wrote on June 28,2009
Nella - your web site looks fabulous - the encaustic is beautiful. JM

Sonia T Pasewark wrote on June 9,2009
Beautiful works. I first saw your work at a friend's house...loved it. She told me about your art camps for children and was wondering if you were going to have any sessions this summer. Would love to sign up my children if you are. (If there is space available.) Thank you so much.


Sharyn Dahn wrote on May 24,2009
HI Nella,

You may remember meeting me at one of the AAG meetings in Newburyport. I remember your beautiful work in a show you and your husband had at NAA. I stumbled uppon your website while looking for the northshore art museum in Gloucester. I'm so glad I found it. Your work is very compelling to me. It had such depth of color. and I love color. Hope you are sitll involved with the abstract group. Maybe our paths will cross again.


Jeff Grassie wrote on April 22,2009
Hi Nella, It amazes me that you just learned encaustics a little while ago. You seem to have mastered the art form with your graceful style. I look forward to seeing new pieces in the future. Hope to see you soon.

Justin wrote on April 20,2009
I like the paintings, very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It would be nice if you could post a page on work in progress.
URL: http://www.justportrait.com

SHIRLEY J. D'AGATI wrote on March 23,2009



Rocco wrote on March 23,2009 about this piece
Simply wonderful!!! I'd like to have it in my new home. You are so special nella!!!!

Your far nephew!!!Rocco

JM wrote on March 2,2009 about this piece
I just love the tree and all it's richness- I have to come by and see personally-Bellisimo

patty wrote on February 16,2009 about this piece
Hi Nella-

It is me again

I just felt compelled to look at your site again, and I am so drawn to your work, there is something so spiritual and magnetic about it. It's like seeing a most satisfying sunset quite by accident. It is the essence and spirit of your work that exposes an endless source of wonder. It's like it brings you to a place and then another place, and another place beyond that. It has all the components that I seek for in art, which is; that you can get lost in it, that the color and composition are harmonious, and that there is a sincerity in what the artist is trying to convey. Just beautiful. Keep up the good work. I do love your black and white cloud and seascapes as well.

Keep up the good work for us all to enjoy.

Best wishes from your

an admirer of your work.


Valerie Borgal wrote on January 17,2009
Hi Nella,

Beautiful website! Beautiful art! You inspire me!

Thank you for stepping up to the Co- presidents position. Way to go! You and June will be great!

love, Val

From Amor of the 3 graces wrote on January 13,2009
Nella, I love your new intro for your web site- just makes me want to go straight to the studio and paint,paint,paint-- art should be free of restraints and- we are all individual- what holds us back?- nothing but ourselves- time to break out-ha you are a wonderful inspiration as is your art and

your beautiful thoughts about

your passion-love sharing with

you-till next time Ciao - JM

URL: http://IV

Elvi wrote on January 12,2009
Ciao Nella,

wonderful work, more colors brighter and darker than usual---I enjoyed your new paintings

Eva Hoffmann wrote on January 9,2009 about this blog entry
It is so hard for me to write about art. I am thinking all the time about art and try to figure it out, what is it. For me art is, if my soul is responding to an artwork. I don't need to think about it, it is there. When I am painting, the best moments are, when I am not thinking. It is just coming. To make it real, I painted some pieces about dancing. I don't know can can I explain it, it just happened. It was not planned.
URL: http://www.EvaHoffmann.com

Nella Lush wrote on January 8,2009 about this blog entry
My exact feelings Jeff. When I look at nature I feel blessed, every season, atmospheric change, they are all like brush strokes, nature creates beautiful masterpieces. We could never duplicate what Nature creates but that feeling it gives us fuels our artistic outlook and we create because of that feeling..., so many times when I am lost all I need to do is look out from the window and look at the red cardinal sitting on the branch of the oak tree as if is just there to inspire me... The cardinal, my muse..., that is why red is always present in my work :)
URL: http://www.Nellasartgallery.com

Jeff Grassie wrote on January 8,2009 about this blog entry
Art is all around us. It is in nature, in things created and not not yet created. Sometimes it is easily seen and other times it is not. Art has taught me to look more closely at things that surround me and to see things I would normally pass by. Art has taught me to not always trust my instincts but to go to the edge and challenge myself to knew possibilites. Art has become who I am. It took may years to find it, but once found, I could never live without it.
URL: http://www.jeffgrassieart.com

Scott Luoma wrote on December 17,2008
Nella, I just had a very nice conversation with you about my recent purchase. Could you please respond to my e-mail address so that I can embed the photo's of the piece we discussed. Thanks, Scott

Val Borgal wrote on November 13,2008 about this piece
Nella, I enjoyed your website. Loved the figurative paintings.

Keep up the great work!

Michele Kenna/ConcordArt association wrote on October 21,2008
Hello Nella - I have admired your work on our website and hoped I could interest you to do a demo here of your vibrant expressionistic technique. I am the Education and Public Programs director at the Concord Art Association and am booking classes and demos for 2009. Our demos are on Wednesdays 10:30A-12:30P and are very popular. They are an excellent way to connect with other artists and also to reach potential clients who may not have heard of you. The strength of your work and the abstraction would make a very interesting demonstration. If you are interested could you email me and let me know your availability. I hope to hear from you.


Michele Kenna

Michele kenna

Donnie Smith wrote on September 17,2008
Love the site, as well as the artwork!

Mazz wrote on July 23,2008
Just stopped by to look at your beautiful artwork. Regards from Florida.
URL: http://www.ArtistGalleria.com

Joan Hooper wrote on July 7,2008
Hi, I enjoyed our moment in Bristol and now looking at both of your websites am intrigued by your art work. I like it because it is strong and different.

I am hoping we can make your opening. If we do we will be their early and if we don't make it i will delfinitely go to Newburyport at some time to see it. Joan

URL: http://www.jhooperart.com

Amalia wrote on June 28,2008
Hi Dear Nella,

have a nice summerday within sunshining and bird singing...

Best Regards from Finland


URL: http://www.art-amalia.com

Rose Schenk wrote on June 18,2008 about this piece
Hi. I am also on the International Marine Painters. Checking out your work and just love it! Rose
URL: http://www.roseschenk.blogspot.com

Peter wrote on March 9,2008
very nice paintings, keep up the good work, regards, Peter
URL: http://www.emergingpainters.com

Shelley Hughes wrote on February 29,2008
Dearest Nella, it's Shelley from Cambrils!! have been thinking of you so often. Your artwork is superb and always was! please email me on hughesshelley_@hotmail.com.

Anonymous wrote on January 27,2008
Do you offer art lessons?

Kathleen Horner wrote on December 2,2007
Dear Nella,

I am Marion's daughter in law and she sent me your website. Your pics are magnificent! I especially like 'Teresa' Since I am a Carmelite. Your work is inspiring! Thanks. Kathleen

joe wrote on November 28,2007 about this piece
la bellezza perduta

Rocco wrote on November 26,2007 about this piece
It's simply wonderful! I'm proud of you. Excellent work!

Helena wrote on October 28,2007 about this piece
Nella, I look at this and see how magificently mysterious. As always, you are a truely an acclaimed artist. Never stop your passion.
URL: http://www.helenasartgallery.com

joe wrote on September 2,2007

Catherine Bourcier-Evstafiev wrote on August 30,2007
Dear Nella,

I have discovered your work as I was checking out the Agora Galerie website. I was touched by your words read in the different articles. My family and I live in Vienna, Austria. I take care of my 2 year old son and try to find some time to paint. I felt great reading your advice about finding time to paint, even 1 hour is great!

I will then follow my dream in creation, it has to come out! Also I would like more information about "Mothers that are artists". Is it published?

Also my husband is a painter, from Russia.

Wishing you all the best in your future!


NB: How much is "The Brothers"?

Thank you

Jena Wallingford wrote on August 26,2007
It was such a pleasure spending the evening with you and your family last night. Your art is truly beautiful and soulful. I saw many pieces I would love to own. I also enjoyed seeing more of Steve's work. You have both been blessed with a true gift. Ciao Nella. I will be following your work. Jena

Eva Hoffmann wrote on August 15,2007
Wonderful artwork Nella, congratulation!


debra coviello wrote on August 8,2007
your website is great I'm truly impressed

Rocco wrote on July 20,2007
Romanesque Woman is your last work, isn't it? It's very beautiful! It has a touch of mistery that leads you into quiet and serenity. Congratulations!


Francesca wrote on July 19,2007
Ciao Nella, complimenti per i tuoi lavori. Sono pugliese anch'io e apprezzo che un'artista come te ricordi la sua terra d'origine attraverso la pittura! Spero riuscirai presto ad esporre qui in Italia. Continua così!


Angelica wrote on July 19,2007
Ciao Nella,

il tuo quadro "Anemone" mi ha subito colpita per la vitalità che esprimono i suoi colori. Evidenzia un tipico carattere forte e sicuro.

Complimenti per la tua arte!


Adair Rowland wrote on July 1,2007
After seeing your work at last night's opening, I had to see and learn more...it is like a soul lighthouse of expression, beautiful for its fathoms and mystery. I am not a collector (yet) but I feel happy for simply witnessing something I've never seen before but sense I know. Bella!

mimmo pellegrini wrote on June 30,2007 about this piece
questo lo adoro forse perche' mi e' un po vicino come stile

mimmo pellegrini wrote on June 30,2007 about this piece
non sapevo fossi una poetessa,anzi sei uno scrigno pieno di saggezza e filisofia

mimmo pellegrini wrote on June 30,2007 about this piece
i tuoi quadri hanno piu' personalita',bravissima mi mi fai invidia

mimmo pellegrini wrote on June 30,2007 about this piece
bellissimo,continua cosi',sei sulla strada giusta perb il MOMA--mimmo pellegrini

Elvi' wrote on June 28,2007

Zach wrote on June 28,2007 about this piece
Awesome! Is there a way to get a print made of this?

Bridget Grella wrote on May 18,2007
Dear Nella,

I am inquiring to see if you children's camp is still accepting children?

Randy Nesbitt wrote on April 15,2007
I love your work.

Please check out mine:




URL: http://myspace.com/zenrnez

Bev wrote on March 28,2007
Good Morning and Happy Birthday, Debi and I are wishing you a wonderful day! Love Debi & Beverley

Johanne wrote on March 12,2007
Dear Nella, What a wonderful journey it was to look through your works, I am awed by your talent (and your husband's!) and humbled all at the same time! You truly are an inspiration! I will follow your work in the future. All the best to you!

John Raimondi wrote on March 9,2007
Hi Nella! Thank you for your kinfds words about my work, I have been blessed. Your work and your site are excellent! I am renting a house in Nahant for the summer,and would love to have you visit,I will call you in early May,untill then all the best. Love ,Johnny

dan weinrieb wrote on March 7,2007
Mrs. Lush,

I voted for your piece...it is beautiful. I hope that you are doing well and that your family is healthy and happy. Your work is tremendous. I hope to some day be able to display it in a place of honor in my own house. All I need is a house!!!

All my love,


Rocco wrote on February 9,2007
Dear Nella,

your art is always wonderful. It leads me into your soul and conveys me serenity and peace of mind. Thank you very much. I really love Iconoclasts, special job!!!

Mary wrote on February 8,2007 about this piece
This is fabulous!

Mary wrote on February 8,2007
I love your newest work- this one is my favorite

Tristan wrote on February 7,2007
All of the paintings look amazing. I really love Caverna III. Good Job!

Megan wrote on February 7,2007 about this piece
This is one of my new favorites. It is so beautiful.

Zach wrote on February 6,2007 about this piece
URL: http://www.vierahawks.com

Steve wrote on February 2,2007 about this piece
Painted by Steve!

Ned R wrote on February 1,2007 about this piece
Was this painted by Steve? Or was it for him?

Zach wrote on January 31,2007 about this piece
This is my favorite one! How much?
URL: http://www.vierahawks.com

cliff wrote on January 30,2007 about this piece
wow, this is a really beautiful painting. are there prices somewhere?

Danielle Mullen wrote on January 29,2007

Your art is absolutely stunning!


URL: http://www.jewelrybydaniellerenee.com

Genevieve wrote on January 28,2007 about this piece
I love Siena and I wish this painting wasn't already sold!

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