N E L L A' S  A R T  G A L L E  R Y

The new day

A dim ray
filtered thru my shutters
the silence and stillness
was refreshining and inviting

I shut my eyes again
I wanted to savour the moment
my restless legs wanted to get going
my mind wanted to rest...
my heart wanted to love

The ray projected a much stronger light
it invaded my room
the dust particles had a life of their own
excited about the birth of a new day..

I stood up and felt alive again..
Nella G Lush

 A story

Little rock, big rock
smoothed by the time
if you could tell me a story
could you unveil the mystery of my being?

Little rock, big rock
baked by the sun
washed by the rain
frosted by the ice
if you could tell me a story
could you tell me what's yet to come?

Little rock, big rock
they say you have no heart
is that why you endure so much?

The cycles of life will change you some
but you will still be here
long after I am gone....
Nella G Lush


The smooth curves of the horizon
Absorbed each of the universe's colors
Changing garments with each tick of time

Orange, red and yellow
Always glamorous under the bright sun
Lasted only for a short while

The sparkly silvery gowns just reserved
For the icy wintry nights

The pastel colors embraced the outline
Blending and rearranging the new sprouts
With the mature ones

Knowing well
How much staying power
It required maintaining the cycle of time
Nella G Lush


As hard as I could I shut my eyelids
I wanted to make it all disappear
I let my thoughts glide out of my being
In search of serenity they traveled fast
thru time,
where did I go wrong in my doing?
As a young child, thru the ancient town,
I saw myself running, with the roosters,
the donkeys, the goats, we were all one.
Us children played the simplest of games.
In search of the future, I would shut my
eyelids as fast as I could, I wanted
to make my childhood disappear.
As I slowly open my eyes
everything is still the same
the problems haven't vanished
but I feel better knowing
that my childhood memories are still untouched and I still
can call them mine.
Nella G Lush

La mia vita

As in a landscape of colors
Distinct shadows
Some dark, some unseen to the naked eye

Recollections of hues
Forgotten by the time
Transformed in abstracts
By the ever wondering mind

Sensuous fragrances
Mingled with the strong
Vapor of the earth
Traveling endlessly
Into the circle
Of what I call
"My life"
Nella G Lush

Monhegan island

Gliding gently
thru the blue
rocking softly
on the crest
The whistles
the chirping
the cooing
the blowing of the wind
all united into one
is what makes the sound
of the island
the sound of the universe
the music to my being
Nella G Lush


Can I let the thoughts out
can I let the true feelings be known
My heart races fast and faster than before
it wants to be heard, it wants to be known
but mostly it wants to be felt.

Can your conscience reach my thoughts?
Your mind can it reach my heart?
my heart beats less now, I feel it slow down.

Can it be that it doesn't want to be heard anymore?
Will anone ever know what thru my life I really felt?
Can my being just go quietly as if I have never existed?
Nella G Lush


The sun never came out
it gave space to the gray sky
my brush strokes could never duplicate
the beauty of what was awaiting me outdoor
As I stepped out, I marveled at the
incredible simple and pure splendor
of the untainted white blanket
it covered everything.....it felt alive!
The cold touch on my bare hands
the smooth feeling on my lips
I did not want to disturb the sight
I felt sinning as I placed my shovel down
to clear the path
I paused one more time to admire the white beauty and looking up high
at the gray silvery sky
I thanked "You" my "God"
for allowing me to once again
witness the umatched beauty of
"Your Creation"......
Nella Lush

To Potsdam

If I was to count
the descending white sparkles
could it be in the trillions
Could I then reach infinity?

They keep falling
reversing direction
from East to West
from South to North

Hard to follow their movement
they dance to their chosen tune
with rhythm, agility and lightness
the ones directed towards us
land on the windshield
swept away by the blade

The fortunate ones
keep dancing into infinity
until they eventually rest down
on the mounds of silvery white
meshed with the others
they become one.
Nella Lush


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