N E L L A' S  A R T  G A L L E  R Y

Picasso said "Art cannot be taught, Art is found".  These words ring true for me. I grew up in southern Italy in the region of Puglia between the ubiquitous olive groves and the Adriatc Sea.  Later, in my twenties and for several years, I lived in the Basque region of Spain near Bilbao on the Atlantic coast and later in the Catalonian city of Tarragona near Barcelona on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

Art influences all the peoples of southern Europe. In Italy, we grow up with Art, we live amongst living examples of Art, we breath Art. I recall as a young child spending hours drawing at the kitchen table with my sister Franca. My mother would critique our efforts and encourage us on to more ambitious work. It was a strong influence and an influence that is with me still. These recollections bring to mind yet another quote by Picasso:  "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." 

Through the years my art continues to change as my emotional perceptions change.  My art, more and more, is a  reflection of my emotions of the moment. My art has become less contrived and more in tune with my inner self.

While living in Spain I painted marine landscapes and vessel portraitures.  I  sold many "portraits" to local yachtsmen in Bilbao and Tarragona but the work was not fulfilling for me.  I eventually realized that I had to free myself of many self imposed rules.  This self examination and evolution did not transpire quickly. Ultimately, I came to the realization that my emotional perceptions were the subjects that needed to be conveyed to the canvas, much like the drawings which Franca and I did for our mother years ago back home. Executing that first truly emotional canvas was a revelation! I was free to place colors and shapes as I pleased! I had the freedom to brush out, splash, scrape and rub in to my heart's content. I truly became free and hours at my easel seemed like minutes. I could not and cannot paint enough! I lost myself in the quest of expressing what I felt.  I truly have found my Art! 

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