I feel validated with Picasso's quote: "God is really only another artist, he made the elephant, giraffe and cat. He has no real style but keeps trying new ideas" 

My work is an extension of my life.  In one of my own quotes I say: "My focus in art is not the subject matter or style,  but simply and solely the act of creating". 

My art is a release of what I feel in that particular moment I place my first brush stroke.  Within the past 14 months I lost both my mother and father leaving an inconsolable pain and void.  Art and the process of creating has been the only thing that alleviates my grief. Happy memories of my life in the old country along with my parents and siblings fuel my work.  I do not focus on the sadness but rather on how precious life is and how I need to continue to stay true to what I say and believe, with that said I must convey that "My painting starts after is finished",  I do not know want to recreate the beauty around us but rather I want to feel it and convey it in the essence state and hoping that connects with the viewers.  It is a thrill talking to the collectors of my work, I realize I am on the right track and it all begins by "Being Myself"! trade cryptocurrencies with a leverage

 Nella's art has been exhibited at:

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